15 April 2012

Broken finger

It has been a long couple of months because I broke my ring finger on my right hand - that hand that I draw with! Did it goofing with our foster dog while getting ready to go to Church. The first couple of weeks were the worst because I couldn't draw and soon the Dr realized that if she didn't give me some lee way to draw her life might be in danger!  LOL

So she let me start drawing a little. I thought I would get right into the flow but I soon found out that when I broke my finger there was a connection between my hand and my brain that was discombobulated and my muse decided to enjoy a vacation... hate when they do that! So I managed to finish one picture of a mermaid  

and have been working on an angel picture. Took me a while to get the angel to agree to be created since she knew I wasn't up to doing my best work but I bribed her. And if it isn't up to par I will try again. So far it looks good.

It has been just about 2 months since the faux paux (I use to be good in spelling but I'm seeing the red squiggly lines beneath faux paux telling me it is wrong but I don't feel like going in search of a dictionary so  the word means mistake, boo boo, whatever...) and I see the Dr this week and I am hoping this latest episode will be over!

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