03 May 2012

Celtic Love and a Dougie Mclean concert to boot!

I am an Irish-American, an Irishman free to enjoy my background!

(This is me in my 3rd Chemo Outfit being as it was just about St Paddy's Day it was appropriate!)

 Tee shirt I made of me in my Chemo Leprechaun Outfit.

Here's some of the Leprechaun's that live in our house.

 I've always loved Celtic music and listen to it often, puts me in a dreamy, faerieland state of mind which is helpful when dealing with health issues. This evening my husband and I are going to a concert by Dougie McLean! Love his music!
He received an award for his music and for his work with charities . His song "Caledonia" has practically become Scotlands countries  National Anthem!                                                 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-14027910


Dougie Maclean with his mother, wife and daughter after the investiture at the Palace of HolyroodhouseDougie MacLean

And tonight my dear husband and I are going to a Dougie Concert! Listening to his music makes me want to fly away to the magical lands of Ireland and Scotland!

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