24 May 2012

What do you get when you mix an Onc visit, a boob, a pecker, and a leak ...

It happened two days ago.

I started off going to my Oncologist appt. Everything was “perfect” they told me, that made me happy! I was asked if I had any pain and I said “Yeah, Lucy (my right breast) is hurting, some pain where the scar tissue is and then pain running from right side of breast to beneath my arm pit. She checked it out and said everything was fine. Then she said “Coming from the person who breaks a bone every 11 months, how did this happen?” I looked at her, smiled, and said “It started hurting after doing my “Snicker walk” 5k yesterday.” “Now how can you hurt or pull a boob muscle while “Snicker Walking?” (Go to You tube and find “Mr T and the Speedwalker,” I’ve renamed it Snicker walking) “I have no idea but I’ve been icing the girl since.” She laughed and said she loved it when it is my visit time because she knows she will have a wonder adventure to hear about. Ha Ha

Later I was sitting in my office working on a picture when I suddenly heard this banging sound like someone was having some work done on their aluminum siding or some such thing. After an hour I was real irritated so I went outside to see what was going on. There was no one around! Huh? Suddenly I heard it again coming from my roof! There was a wood pecker playing music on my air vent! (Ha, you can put your dirty minds away now! Bwwwwwaaaaahhhhhhhh!) Idiot bird was pecking away on my metal air vent! I picked up some sticks and threw them up on the roof near the bird thinking that would scare him off. Nope. So I walked to the garage side and threw them at the bird but he wouldn’t budge. Then I went for the big guns: the water hose! I turned the water on and began unrolling the hose. About the time I got enough hose out so I could spray the bird, she saw what I was doing and flew off and hasn’t been back. More than one way to skin a skunk!
Then after dinner and NCIS LA I was doing dishes while hubby was walking the dishes. After finishing I reached under the sink to get a counter cleaner and discovered that the area was flooded. I grabbed everything out and wiped up the flood and proceeded to look for leak. Didn’t see anything. I texted my husband “Houston, we have a leak and it ain’t me!” (I must have seen the future on that one.) He came home and checked it out and said the garbage disposal was leaking but being as it is almost 10pm it can wait.

Welcome to one day in the life of Mersea!



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