23 June 2012

A Merseaful kind of day....

Hubby left this morning at 4:45 to go to Missouri and arrived home around 7am... I got a call from him as he was about to walk in the back door to let me know it was him coming in so don't shoot him! LOL Turns out Delta Airline screwed up their tickets so they can't leave until tomorrow.

Relay for Life was today but I couldn't go because I was in a boot for my hurt foot. Somewhere along the way this morning I hurt the other foot! So I hobbled around trying to figure out how to walk with two hurt tootsies, one in a boot. Wasn't easy. Then there was the Civic League Picnic in the neighborhood and dummy me didn't think about it and walked to it. Yep that hurt. Sometimes I get real sick and tired of being a Vegetarian, like today, I had to go buy some Veggie Burgers to take with me so I could eat. Turns out the Veggie burgers my husband has been getting for me is Vegan approved which means there is soy in it.

By the time I finished eating I began to feel a little queasy, it was hot out and even though we were on the river, it was hot! So we came home and I took a nap or tried..D.C. (the 17 lb cat) decided to cuddle but he kept walking on my boobs!

And that hurt like.... some bad stuff! So far the only thing that has helped me feel better is a glass of wine.

I have been taking a Journal class online on Journaling for your health. So I sat down read directions did my writing and wrote my poem then discovered I had done the second part of the assignment... don't ask, I do not know how it happened. But the poem was good and the teacher liked it so I am happy.

I took my shoe off a little while ago to see how the new injury looked. Looked good - for about a minute then it swelled up so I asked hubby for an ice pack. He grabs it out of the freezer, tossed it to me, then headed out the door to do something. I shook my head and snickered, typical. When he came back in I said "Hey, would you mind giving me a towel to go with this ice pack so I don't get frost bite?"    "Good grief! I'm sorry!" got a towel and handed it to me as he walked by to do something else with three dogs glued to his hip.

A little while later Tripp, the cat challenged cat, jumped into my lap and I discovered he had a ton of matted spots on his back end, so I grabbed a pair of scissors, took him in the back for Burton to hold while I trimmed them... don't ask me how, I've never done this before, but I cut the poor cat not once but twice! The cat was trying to scream but he is mute so I didn't notice until I was finished! So I got some peroxide which Tripp did not like and some Neosporin which he also didn't like. So my poor cat will have me rubbing something on his boo boos every time I get near him - don't want him to get an infection and have to take him to the Vet. Have you ever tried to drive when you are required to wear a boot? You spend more time taking the boot on and off than what you actually have to do!

Now Burton is leaving in the morning again. The dog rescue is paying someone to walk on e of the foster dogs at 9pm every night and I walk the other two. Now that I have hurt the other foot how am I going to walk two dogs pray tell? And the lady I need to talk to about paying another person to walk the other foster dog isn't answering her phone so she may have gone out of town...

Anybody want to change lives for a while?

'Just wait until Mom goes to sleep tonight....'

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