31 December 2012

Latest WIP: Morag

This mermaid is named after a friend I grew up with in Ocean View and is a character in a story I am writing. I've been working on her for a few days and she is coming along just fine.

22 December 2012

May the true meaning of Christmas fill your lives all year long!

Love Julia, Burton, and animal zoo that is our family

19 December 2012

Cats showing love to their ailing humans:

After I posted about my X-rays and boo boos I laid down for a much deserved nap. When I awoke there was Misty on the coffee table facing away from me, D.C. straddling my legs, and Tripp sleeping on my shoulder with his butt in my face!
I feel so loved and glad that my nose was stuffed up!
Shoulder kittie
Leg kittie
Coffee table kittie

15 December 2012

December 21,2012

All this big hullaballoo about the end of the Mayan Calendar, 

well, if it is the end of the world, which I seriously doubt it will be,

 but if it is, I'd rather go than have to stay and clean up the mess - I certainly do hate housework!

14 December 2012

Our Christmas tree for 2012

Once upon a time I decorated my Christmas tree with Victorian Country decorations but somehow they morphed into little pictures of all the foster dogs we have taken care of over the years!

 Of course there is a cat on the top of the tree: "Cats Rule!"

 Tripp added some extra lights.

 Same here!

12 December 2012

What have I been up to.....

First thing is my brain has stopped working correctly... I have been trying for weeks to post and couldn't.... discovered today it was because I was trying to post under the wrong name! I ain't right! :D

I did Nanowrimo in November and officially passed the 50,000 word minimum! I had help from my plot bunnies: Cy (the green plot bunnie) and Babs (the pink plot bunnie - Breast cancer Awareness plot Bunnie Sisterhood).

During one weekend in November I went on a "Beyond Boobs" retreat - what happens in Boober land stays in Boober land!

The beginning of December one of our foster dogs, Scotty, was adopted to his forever home:

Then I did some sketching 

And today my husband and I volunteered for "Toys for Tots."

And in the midst of it all I did some pet sitting! Now I am wore out! Looks like I will have a few days of R&R so I can do some drawing!
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