12 December 2012

What have I been up to.....

First thing is my brain has stopped working correctly... I have been trying for weeks to post and couldn't.... discovered today it was because I was trying to post under the wrong name! I ain't right! :D

I did Nanowrimo in November and officially passed the 50,000 word minimum! I had help from my plot bunnies: Cy (the green plot bunnie) and Babs (the pink plot bunnie - Breast cancer Awareness plot Bunnie Sisterhood).

During one weekend in November I went on a "Beyond Boobs" retreat - what happens in Boober land stays in Boober land!

The beginning of December one of our foster dogs, Scotty, was adopted to his forever home:

Then I did some sketching 

And today my husband and I volunteered for "Toys for Tots."

And in the midst of it all I did some pet sitting! Now I am wore out! Looks like I will have a few days of R&R so I can do some drawing!

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