26 January 2013

Today's WIP: Chenoa

It always seems to take a long time to finish but it is always worth it!

17 January 2013


I'm soooo excited: snow is in the forecast for tonight with some accumilation!!!! It has been such a warm winter that I think I deserve some snow!

Here's some pics from the past! 

I will be soooooo unhappy if we don't get it!!! I will have to do the Vulcan Meld Mind on the Weathermen!

16 January 2013

Talent runs in the family!

This is E.T.Tripp helping me with my latest picture. 

Yep, I gut me some talented critters in my house!

14 January 2013

I haven't the foggiest idea!

I've always loved a deep thick fog which is a good thing because this is what I saw for a few days in Kilmarnock, Va, I was situated on a Cove just off the Chesaprake Bay: 

Good thing I'm not claustrophobic!

10 January 2013

An insight into my visiting.

Whenever I go on one of my visits to someone's home I always wonder how the women in the Jane Austen days were able to go away for weeks and months at a time and stay in someone else's home. And the movies show they bring very little luggage... I usually pack half the house to go with me: tons of art supplies, sleeping bag and pillow, clothes and shower items, art books and magazines to study, and a bunch of movies in case there is nothing on TV or I can't get online. I usually stay between two and 14 days while they are away and at times find it a restless time especially if they don't have computers or a router s, no I can use my computer, or their TV is broken.

The first day is usually a very restless day for me because my mind has to get use to the premises, become acquainted with the idiosyncrasies of the house, animals, go shopping  for food. Sometimes finding the food store is not easy especially if they are way out in the country (Praise God for GPS!). And sometimes the reception for cell phones isn't the best, it reminds me of that commercial that use to be on TV when people were talking like they had bad reception! Or the commercial where you have to find the one place that has reception so you can call out. I find myself not being able to concentrate on any one thing, sometimes I find when I read my Bible it just runs off my brain, well any book tends to pool at the base of my brain, and sometimes I will go take a walk or run (unfortunately I am dealing with a pain in the hip so I can't run nor walk very far). I always bring an afghan to crochet which helps relieves the stress.

I do view my visits as fact finding trips for stories, pictures, character sketches. I take lots of pictures of woods, flowers, views from porches and windows, garden statues, and other beautiful things to add to my Inspirational pictures on my computer, pray to the Father for help just to pray.

Even if I know the house very well, it is still the same, the first day is very restless and ill at ease. But that is probably just one of my idiosyncrasies or perhaps it is because I have a touch of agoraphobia which makes no sense because I love to travel and visit places! 

Welcome to my world!

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