06 February 2013

A day in the life of Mersea

I swannee, sometimes I just hate door to door sales reps! Here I was sitting at my desk crocheting an afghan, nursing a sore on the top of my mouth, and watching "The Walking Dead," when the door bell rings... fix my smile, go to door with two goofy dogs barking at it, close the door behind me. When I get back in I find my desk and the floor was flooded with Dr Pepper because the foster dog, Brody, who is a hound dog had run into my office and dove onto the desk, stuff had flown everywhere!

He knew he had done wrong cuz he has done it before once while I was sitting at the desk working and he dove right over my shoulder, everything went everywhere and I was no longer in the chair... so now every time he does something stupid like that he runs to the door so he can run out back and get under then porch, that is his "You can't get when I do something stupid" hide away.

This is Brody. Can't stay mad at him for long....

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