03 July 2013

Anna made it through the operation! Praise God!

There is a young lady named Anna who graduated from High School last week  then found out she had terminal Pancreatic cancer. Anna was scheduled for surgery for July 2 (yesterday) and she had to make a Living Will, an advance directive which is standard for surgical operations in case a decision needs to be made when she is not of the mind to make it.

As of my last update, Anna made it through the surgery! Now we need to pray for her healing!

We must always remember this because we never know what will happen  in the very next moment!

01 July 2013


Yesterday I went Skydiving with the "Beyond Boobs"  Breast Cancer Support group. I have looked forward to going to do this for a long time and it was a very interesting experience!   I didn't feel anxious at all, I love flying so I figured it would be just as excited.  During the flight my tandem jumper changed how we were going to jump. When I was ready to jump I thought we were going front first but ended up going backwards and my stomach screamed!  I knew due to gravity and stuff I couldn't vomit but it sure felt like it!  We did all kinds of things like spin and twirl and ride upside down and I  enjoyed it even though I felt extremely light headed.  It was beautiful flying through the air like an angel!  I was able to guide the parachute after I deployed the parachute which was exhilerating. Landed fine but wooooo was my stomach wanted to unparty!  Ha Ha. But I didn't give in.

One thing I learned: drink water before going up not soda or sugary drink. Another thing... take Xanax before I go up... I forgot I have Panic Disorder and even if I am not feeling anxious there are times when it will hit in a split second.

I do want to go again.

Update: two of the Boobers broke bones in one of their feet! It took them to go skydiving to break bones... I do it just walking!  :D

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