01 July 2013


Yesterday I went Skydiving with the "Beyond Boobs"  Breast Cancer Support group. I have looked forward to going to do this for a long time and it was a very interesting experience!   I didn't feel anxious at all, I love flying so I figured it would be just as excited.  During the flight my tandem jumper changed how we were going to jump. When I was ready to jump I thought we were going front first but ended up going backwards and my stomach screamed!  I knew due to gravity and stuff I couldn't vomit but it sure felt like it!  We did all kinds of things like spin and twirl and ride upside down and I  enjoyed it even though I felt extremely light headed.  It was beautiful flying through the air like an angel!  I was able to guide the parachute after I deployed the parachute which was exhilerating. Landed fine but wooooo was my stomach wanted to unparty!  Ha Ha. But I didn't give in.

One thing I learned: drink water before going up not soda or sugary drink. Another thing... take Xanax before I go up... I forgot I have Panic Disorder and even if I am not feeling anxious there are times when it will hit in a split second.

I do want to go again.

Update: two of the Boobers broke bones in one of their feet! It took them to go skydiving to break bones... I do it just walking!  :D

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