10 August 2013

One of our feline children.

I have a cat named E.T. Tripp because he is a trip! Out of the blue when I was away he started bringing balls of yarn into the bedroom and put them on my side of the bed. So when I got home I found where he was getting the balls of yarn and put them in a zippered bag. He still was able to get into the bag! Last night we were on the bed reading and suddenly I heard a thud. Looking up Tripp was laying on the floor looking all nonchalant and there was a ball of yarn! I got up and put it in the bag, turned the bag upside down and put things up against the ends so he couldn't get in. A little while later I heard a thud and there was Tripp and a ball of yarn! Unbelievable! So I took the ball back, put it in the bag then put the bag inside my art supply suitcase and zipped it up. This morning, there on the floor was a string denim belt on the floor! I guess he thought it was yearn! Yes, he is a trip! LOL 

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