25 July 2014

WIP: Praying in the Spirit Update

The picture has been outlined in ink and I am now adding color. I love to watch as a picture developes over time and work!

Photo: Adding color has begun!

20 July 2014

New WIP: Praying in the Spirit.

Just as I started to drift off to sleep last night I saw this lovely lady and knew she was the next WIP. It is always fun to watch as a picture takes shape and blossoms, isn't it?

16 July 2014

Lightening Strike!

Well, this month in Kilmarnock started off with an adventure.... I thought the house had been struck by lightening!  Turns out it was the next door neighbor's house that was struck. It was quite scary!

07 July 2014

This is my son, Riley.

My son is part of the calendar along with this beautiful German Shepherd. This would make a great present!

German Shepherd calendar with man candy.

man candy3

27 June 2014

Smart Meters are coming and you heard it hear!!!!!!

I want to keep this up top for people to see because I want them to see I haven't been blowing smoke over this issue. It is for real. In a few years Smart Meters will be forced on you whether you want it or not!
I just got off the phone with Dominion Power asking about the Smart Meters. I was told that right now they are working in Charlettesville, Va and have been working there since 2009. It supposedly will be a few years before they start working in Norfolk. EVERYONE WILL BE REQUIRED TO GET A SMART METER! They said there will be two programs: 1) For people who will accept the Smart Meter Program and 2) For people who opt out for the main program which 'will not give up the radiation like the main program will' but you will prolly have to pay a fee because someone will have to come to your house to read the meter.

Yeah, right. I was told that right now there is something being voted on about the fact us opt out people will have to pay an opt out fee. We need to find out more about this!

Start researching Smart Meters and see how they affect your health! I have a bunch of programs below to help you understand and find more info on this 'safe program.' It is known that the Smart Meters DO CAUSE CANCER AND OTHER ILLNESSES!
 — feeling annoyed.

23 June 2014

Washington Redskins!

Doesn't Congress have anything else to do other than trying to find something they suddenly decide is controversial? Washington Redskins upsetting Native Americans? I am part Native American and it doesn't bother me in the least, in fact I don't think I know of any Native Americans that find the name of the Football team as offensive! Come on Congress, trying doing the job you were voted in to do!

Va. lawmakers form 'Redskins Pride Caucus'

19 June 2014

Brody, our last foster dog.....

We are having to fix up our back yard so we can sell the house so he went to a new foster home...  Obviously he really misses us..... Not!

13 June 2014

WIP: Life Guard Update!

Come check her out! Won't be too long now till she can sit back and enjoy her job!

Do come and see all her friends !


01 June 2014

Deborah Tavares - NASA War Document (Matrix Deciphered)

Open your eyes, this is really going on!We need to pray for help from God for strength to fight what 'the gov't' aka Lucifer is trying to do to us!

30 May 2014

Deborah Tavares - Smart Meters at Oathkeeperss Meeting

If you weren't a prayer before, it is now time to hit your knees! Listen to the discussion and read the info they have and you will be amazed at what has been going on behind our backs.... then again maybe we won't be surprised at all.

29 May 2014

The Orwellian Secrets of Smartphones


It is very important for people all over the world to open their eyes
and see what is going on in our world. Govt's are working to lower
the amount of people on this world and are striving to control the
rest to do as they are told! Listen and you shall see!

Time to turn back to God for only He can help us!

24 May 2014

My friend Tracie who died due to terminal cancer caused by Breast Cancer.

Check your breasts once a month.... this includes men! I am part of a Breast Cancer Survivor support group called "Beyond Boobs" and we have a man (we call him a Boybor) in the mix. Breast Cancer doesn't care if you  are a woman or a man, it will get you  if you don't watch out!

Tracie Ann Caudill (nee Lantz)

Tracie Ann Caudill (nee Lantz)
Born in Aurora, IL on Feb. 12, 1972
Departed on May 11, 2014 and resided in Virginia Beach, VA.

Celebration of Life: Sunday, Jun. 8, 2014
1132 Selwood Dr. Virginia Beach, VA US 23464
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Tracie A. Caudill (nee Lantz), age 42, passed away May 11, 2014 in Virginia Beach, VA peacefully surrounded by the love of her children. She was born February 12, 1972 in Aurora, IL.

She is survived by her children: Lyndsey, Lantz, and Luke; husband: Vince Caudill; father, Sammy Humphries; siblings: Jayme, Racheal, Rebecca, and Todd; nieces and nephews: Ryan, Bevan, River, Jasper, Griffin, Morgan, Payne, and numerous Aunts, Uncles, & Cousins. Special friends: Robert, Rosie & Ben, Carla, co-workers at USAA; Elizabeth and co-workers from Nationwide Insurance; & her "boobers" from Beyond Boobs Hampton Roads.

Tracie loved her dogs, Bentley and Madison and enjoyed spending time with her children and was proud to live as a Navy wife. In her free time she loved to have a girls' day including operas, shopping, game nights, and getting her nails done.

Tracie was proceeded in death by her parents: Earl and Debra Rury; stepmother: Vickie Humphries; grandparents: Lowell and Joyce Lantz; brother: Frank Rury, and other family: Bobby Lantz, Hazel DeOca, Melvin "Corky" Lantz, Cathy Lantz, and Shirley Lantz.
There will be a Celebration of Tracie's life Sunday, June 8th, at 1132 Selwood Drive, Virginia Beach, VA; from 2pm – 5pm.

In lieu of flowers or plants, please make a donation to the Cancer Care Foundation of Tidewater in Tracie's name; (757) 461- 8488, P.O. Box 12693- Norfolk, VA 23541 or on their website www.ccfot.org.

Online condolences may be expressed at www.cremate.org.

12 May 2014

Here is my WIP: Life Guard!

This picture began as a sketch for Sketchfest. They have a sketchfest every month for several days and it is a world wide event and you would be surprised to see what artists come there to play!

Here are the WIP  pictures in order, and remember all sketches are copywritten (C):


11 May 2014

Cancer - Your day is coming!!!!!!

Today at 4:40pm a precious friend of mine, Tracie Caudill, transitioned into her life in heaven with the Lord. She was a real Cancer Warrior War Hero! She battled stage 4 Breast Cancer for a very long time and was a true inspiration to all of us at "Beyond Boobs" which is a Non-profit Breast Cancer Support Group.

02 May 2014

My alternative ego....

A friend of mine who is in my Breast Cancer Support group has been in the hospital so I sent my alternative ego to go visit her. I love to watch the expressions on peoples faces when they first notice the ears! LOL

01 May 2014

Mermaids, mermaids everywhere!

(None of these are my work, the name of the artists are on the pictures, DO NOT INFRINGE THEIR COPYWRITES!)

29 April 2014

Cancer Documentary

Cut Poison Burn

If you have ever had cancer you should watch this. This will also show how we are not in control of our medical rights!

06 April 2014

What Chemtrails Are Doing To Your Brain - Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blayl...

This makes a lot of sense... I remember as a kid running behind the trucks spraying mosquito chemical and no one thought nothing about it.... chemicals that were dangerous for us to be exposed to!
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