27 June 2014

Smart Meters are coming and you heard it hear!!!!!!

I want to keep this up top for people to see because I want them to see I haven't been blowing smoke over this issue. It is for real. In a few years Smart Meters will be forced on you whether you want it or not!
I just got off the phone with Dominion Power asking about the Smart Meters. I was told that right now they are working in Charlettesville, Va and have been working there since 2009. It supposedly will be a few years before they start working in Norfolk. EVERYONE WILL BE REQUIRED TO GET A SMART METER! They said there will be two programs: 1) For people who will accept the Smart Meter Program and 2) For people who opt out for the main program which 'will not give up the radiation like the main program will' but you will prolly have to pay a fee because someone will have to come to your house to read the meter.

Yeah, right. I was told that right now there is something being voted on about the fact us opt out people will have to pay an opt out fee. We need to find out more about this!

Start researching Smart Meters and see how they affect your health! I have a bunch of programs below to help you understand and find more info on this 'safe program.' It is known that the Smart Meters DO CAUSE CANCER AND OTHER ILLNESSES!
 — feeling annoyed.

23 June 2014

Washington Redskins!

Doesn't Congress have anything else to do other than trying to find something they suddenly decide is controversial? Washington Redskins upsetting Native Americans? I am part Native American and it doesn't bother me in the least, in fact I don't think I know of any Native Americans that find the name of the Football team as offensive! Come on Congress, trying doing the job you were voted in to do!

Va. lawmakers form 'Redskins Pride Caucus'

19 June 2014

Brody, our last foster dog.....

We are having to fix up our back yard so we can sell the house so he went to a new foster home...  Obviously he really misses us..... Not!

13 June 2014

WIP: Life Guard Update!

Come check her out! Won't be too long now till she can sit back and enjoy her job!

Do come and see all her friends !


01 June 2014

Deborah Tavares - NASA War Document (Matrix Deciphered)

Open your eyes, this is really going on!We need to pray for help from God for strength to fight what 'the gov't' aka Lucifer is trying to do to us!

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