12 April 2015

Mermaids of Ocean View waiting for the storm.

Here is a picture I created in 2004.  We were waiting for either Katrina or Isabelle to come.

11 April 2015

Finally she is finished! Unfortunately I have no name for her right now. Any ideas?

06 April 2015

This years Easter Sunday..... :O

Hope all had a Blessed Easter! Mine was interesting. First thing I did was forget to take my meds.... really enjoyed church.... hubby started cooking turkey, left instructions for me to follow (he researched how to on the internet then left to go minister at a Nursing Facility, leaving me to deal. ( He was suppose to get a Turkey Breast but somehow he got a whole turkey - I always use the bag or get one of those turkeys with the pop-up timer but not Burton.) I followed his directions... it did not look like a Martha Stewart turkey, infact it looked like a burnt shoe!. God must have placed his hand on that turkey because it actually was tender and moist once we got rid of the skin and he infused the bird with the juices. 

It was during the late afternoon when I began to feel sick and sweat bad. That is when I discovered I had forgotten my meds so I guess I was going through withdrawals! I did take some Alpozalam to help but later I finally had a glass of wine to relax, I haven't sweat like that since I went through 24 hours of child labor! Freaked me out!

But my guests didn't get saminella due to turkey being overcooked, and it was a nice visit. My son brought a friend, beautiful lady, and I totally enjoyed sharing some of the 'fun info' about my son and myself, there is so much to share between our lives! LOL
Got to bed fairly late for us and when I got up I MADE Sure I took my meds! Withdrawals are not fun especially on Easter Sunday!
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