27 December 2015

Oh oh, who let the cat out?

Burton created a monster today! We were sitting out on our deck and one of our cats, D.C. was hollering cuz he wanted to come out.. Burton got up and went inside. Something told me he was up to no good and I was right.... he put D.C. on a leash and brought him out on the deck through the sliding glass door from the dining room. Later he went in and I was sitting on the deck reading and listening to D.C. throwing a fit because he wanted to come out. Then he got quiet. The mother in me said quiet when 'kids' are around is not a good thing. I looked up and saw D.C. come around the corner of the fireplace. I picked him up (not exactly an easy thing cuz he is a fat boy) and peeked around the corner. Just what I figured... DC. created a screen door opening so he could come out, too. D.C. earned his name. Perhaps Burton did, too.... here's your sign!

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