09 January 2016

Started my art class Thursday night… not sure how this is going to go. For the most part I am a fantasy artist and I was under the impression the teacher was also into fantasy art so I was excited thinking maybe it would be in that line of drawing. I was wrong. He is teaching sketching at this point just as ‘The Masters’ did it. He knew what my art is like and he said this class will help with my art a lot.  I think three other students were feeling the same way I was… He talked about various Master’s and their techniques, mentioning Picasso like he was something spectacular, I said I couldn’t stand Picasso which obviously irritated him, hmmm, as it turned out he likes Modern art – I never liked Modern art – it made no sense to me, and my Mom had some modern art pictures in the house and the colors were awful! And I didn’t think they went well with the semi Colonial style furniture, nor the shag carpet.
Then he made some remarks about Van Gogh, about how fantastic he was but Van Gogh had some problems, perspective and placing things where they didn’t belong, like in one picture he placed a man’s ear far too forward on the face.  I said he was painting how he saw things. And we all know that Van Gogh had some mental problems so that would sway the way he saw things. Someone else said the same thing.

Gotta feeling me and the teacher might clash a bit.


The first thing we did was trace our hand and then the fun began… we had to hold our hand in a relaxed position then trace our hand with our pencil or pen. I used a pencil but the lady sitting across from me used her pen        ( reminded me of a zombie hand). Next we had to hold our pencil at the tip of our nose and trace it in the air. Okay. And then we had to “Blind Draw” our hand. What?   We had to cover our drawing hand and draw our hand without looking at what we are doing. He gave us 10 minutes to do it. Really?  As far as I was concerned it was a big time mess. Teacher said it was hard to really see what I had done because I had used a pencil and not a pen… excuse me, he gave us an option. (Yah ask me, this is my donation to Modern Art! LOL

He explained that we should pay attention to the details while doing this type of sketch, your hand is not a rounded instrument, there are lines and bumps and curves which we need to add. Thought I had but when you have something covering your drawing hand it is hard to pay attention to details! :D
Here is an example he showed me about detailing, of course he wasn’t doing a blind drawing at this point. He was just showing an example of what the hand really looks like. Okay, but I think I showed lots and lots of bumps, curves, and lines.

Another thing we did which was hard for me, was sketch a shoe. As soon as I started sketching he immediately stopped me and said “Quit sketching with these tiny lines, you need to use long loose lines, get the energy of the shoe.” Energy of the shoe… Hmmm, interesting.  I explained I am an uptight person, have anxiety and he said well, now that you know your problem you can work on relaxing. I looked at him and laughed quietly because he didn’t know I have an anxiety disorder and am on meds for it. Well, I will attempt to draw with long, loose, lines maybe it will help me relax… I’ve tried before but since I’m paying for the class I’ll have to really try hard which will prolly make me anxious and I’ll draw uptight! LOL

At the end of the ‘sketching session’ he told me I was still too tight in my sketching… I thought I did pretty good, pretty loose. I looked at everyone else’s shoe sketches and they weren’t all that loose either.


Well, Maybe I should bring a bottle of wine to drink so I can draw loose enough!  Heh heh. That wouldn’t work, I can’t draw when I’ve had even a sip of wine, painting, yeah, but not drawing.

Another subject that come up was drawing nudes, told him I hoped there wouldn’t a nude session because I’m a prude and won’t come to that class. He immediately pulled out a sketch from a drawing session from this past week and of course, it was a nude. He began expounding on it and when he was finished I said I was still a prude. LOL

Guess I will never be one of the MASTER’S!

I like the teacher okay but I have two things that bother me about him:

  1.  He looks like a plump version of Prince Charles (I don’t like Prince Charles at all!).
  2.  He doesn’t like Bob Ross. What? Not like my Bob Ross? We chatted about Bob for a few minutes and he had some things about his style and technique that were not right in my site, claimed that all Bob did was create the same *&^@+&^  mountains and trees and he was not helping people to expound on their art talent. I told him that is not so, that I had watched his show for a long time and he always encouraged people to  further their talent. I told him that I learned some things from painting with him and when I was able to take a painting class I used the techniques and ideas along with my ideas and techniques and the teacher was totally astonished. Someone else in the class spoke up and agreed with me. Teacher then said if I bought him a drink he would be glad to expound on why he didn’t like him. I just shook my head. Not interested in hearing what he had to say, besides I wouldn’t go out for a drink with a man other than my husband! I bet that would shock him, too

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