07 January 2016

The New Year has started!

The first day of 2016 , as you know, started by spending 5 hours remotely with Geek Squad. I've had trouble with this laptop since shortly after I got it and it got worse once it turned one year old. But I am not going to let it get me down, ticked off, but not down. There is always something to celebrate!

I went to see my Oncologist for my 6 month check up and my blood work, in his words, is absolutely perfect! Love to hear those words! My 5th year anniversary is August and then I can stop taking Femara! I can't wait, I am so sick of taking a ton of meds! And now he wants me to have a bone density test. I've never had one, maybe I am past time for it but it seems every time I turn around they are wanting me to take another test.... as if they are hoping to find something, nowadimean?

Fantastically, as I was walking into Virginia Oncology Associates, I recognized an old friend that I had worked with back in a Call Center as she was walking out! I had been looking for her since my time at that lousy call center came to an end and suddenly there she was! Lily! I named a Black Mermaid after her. We exchanged numbers and I look forward to having lunch with her real soon!

I signed up for a drawing class so I can improve on my style. Starts tonight and will be held every Thursday night until the end of February. I haven't taken art lessons since High School so this should be fun (I hope!).

I am beginning to get my art biz back up and running. Starting with the art classes, I am planning out which pictures I am going to make into greeting cards, posters, put on aprons, purses, and all kinds of things. I am going to reopen my Etsy Shop and sell stuff through a variety of stores online. I am also going to hit the road to sell my art in stores in the cities around where I live and get some inventory so I can do some shows. It is time to get going.

I renewed my membership at the Norfolk Wellness and Fitness Center this week. I dropped it in 2010 a few months before I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I renewed due to I love walking laps in the warm water pool. Always when I get into the water I immediately feel like a mermaid! 

I can't wait until I can add swimming laps to the regime! Actually I have been doing 2 laps of the breast stroke in addition to the walking. I also do some exercises  to strengthen my knees because they are in need big time! I've only been three times but I can already feel a difference. I use some web gloves that  really work my arms as I do various different walking steps and slow running.

Okay, it is almost time to head out to my class. Hope everyone of you and your families and friends have a Blessed New Year!

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