27 February 2016

Money to BLog.....

I just heard that I can make money by blogging? Really? How do I go about this? Has anyone here ever done this and how does it work? I saw Siteblog..... can I use this blog or do I have to start a brand new one?
Help! I could use your help!

23 February 2016

And Obama laughs about Scalia's death.....

Yeah, real respectful, Obama (I'm not calling you Mr President because you don't deserve to be called that name after acting like this)! 

Politicians are really out of control! .......Wonder who was behind it?  

With this video it makes you... hmmmmm.... wonder, yeah?

Reminescent of JFK murder.......

Scroll down to see the video.

Another Angel Update

The more I work on this gal, the more she looks fiesty!

Look at her face! Definitely fiesty!

18 February 2016

Then came 2nd Chapter of Acts and other Christian Musicians!

Then I was introduced to Christian music that helped change my life:

2nd Chapter of Acts, Matthew Ward, Annie Herring, Keith Green, Tom Howard, Randy Matthews and more....

Some of these videos are live videos from the 70's and are not of the best quality but the message is what is the important thing. The message brings life, joy, happiness, peace....  open your heart and let the Holy Spirit come in and speak to you.


Sick and Melancholic but happy, too.

Yesterday I came down with bronchitis. Today I got up feeling a little melancholic, turned on my laptop and the first thing I saw was a picture of Cat Stevens with a video of him singing my favorite song of his: "How can I tell you ."  Instant tears. Cat Stevens and John Denver, though they didn't know it, held my hands through some really hard times in my life. So today we will have a series of concerts and songs to my two favorite musical comforters.

12 February 2016

Feeling old today.

I am 59, not ashamed to claim it but there are times when that number really bothers me because I realize that I have not accomplished anything I wanted to. Growing up I wanted to be an actress/actor, did a few plays and loved doing them, I’ve performed in Community theaters, school plays, Christian plays, but I really wanted to do movies and TV… that never happened.
I wanted to be a singer. Had some problems with that one. I love to sing and depending on who you talk to I can sing good or so so. I sang a lot when I was in choir at churches and then leading song services at some churches and at Bible School. I haven’t been going to a church that had song services that there was an availability for someone like me. Sooooo having not exercized my voice hardly at all, I can confidently say my voice is not good.
I wanted to be a writer. I have written poetry and did have one published. I have written stories, participated in Nanowrimo for a few years, and I still have several stories I keep attempting to work on. There was a time I was working on some stories and someone took my ex aside and said he shouldn’t let me write because I could end up living in a fantasy world… well, if that person wouldn’t be in my fantasy world I would love it!
I wanted to be an artist. I spent a lot of time in my bedroom growing up and drew like crazy! In my teens I use to draw pictures from the teen magazines and did really well! I didn’t really get back into artwork until around 1999, I had gotten married, had two gorgeous sons, was a stay at home Mom and occassionally worked part time jobs to help with the finances. During those years I only created cards for friends and family. After a divorce I began to draw again while working temp jobs (had to have something to do) and soon I was drawing all the time. I got married in 1999 and my new husband said I should do something with it so when I lost my permanent job 5 years later, we got 10 different pictures created into pictures and began to sell them in stores in Norfolk where I live, in NC, and online. Sometimes it was hard to get out because I had Fibromyalgia but I did what I could. Then in 2010 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, closed my biz, had surgery, went through Chemo, and Radiation.
Well, I am a 5 year Survivor and ready to get back to work. I’ve been doing artwork a lot but I really really really want to find an Artist Rep who could do all the bizness side of it all… I don’t have that great a biz mind and my “rememberer” doesn’t want to work all that well at times.
So I haven’t accomplished much of what I wanted to as a youngster but I am still attempting, but that 59 year number reminds me I am no spring chicken…

09 February 2016

WIP New Angel: Rose

I have been having a bit of a time with this little angel, she seems to be mischievious and isn’t working with me. If she keeps it up I shall put her in the try again later pile!
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