28 March 2016

The Christian Holy Week

I have always loved the Holy Week of Easter because they always show some of my favorite movies even though some aren’t about The Death and Resurrection of Christ. This week I watched a movie called “Jesus” and am in the process of watching “Jesus of Nazareth.” It is always a blessing to watch the Word of God.

This week the Church I attend, “The River Room Church” in Virginia Beach, Va, had Communion, and  an Easter potluckdinner on Friday and then Sunday morning we had a Resurrection breakfast, then headed straight into Church Service. We were so blessed to have a couple speaking who work together to bring forth the message. Jacquiline Maples went to study at a Messianic Bible School in Israel and had such insight into the celebration and her husband,Richard, besides leading the Worship service,  also had a great message. It is wonderful to see them work together to bring forth the Word.

Though I have been a Born Again Christian since the 1970’s, every so often I fall into hard times as many of us do. I received a Word from the Lord that “God is wooing me.” I really needed that word right now because I am going through a hard time.

Thank you Father for your word!

13 March 2016

Black and White Sketches. Updating so keep an eye here!

Just in the mood to do some black and white sketches so I inked in the last sketch. I will add them as I do them. Tell me what you think.  

12 March 2016

Sketch from a picture I found online.

After all that I had to do: pool workout, getting some groceries, etc, I came home and did a search for a face to use for sketching. I like to find a photo that I like and then make a sketch with no intention of making the sketch actually look like the person, the purpose is to sketch and get use to the different postitions of the face or the postions. Below is a sketch I did late yesterday afternoon. Hope you like it!

Oh, the paper is actually an off white color but the sky reflected blue on it.

10 March 2016

New Angel Sketch

I am in need of sketching some angels in my style of drawing. I learned a lot of things in the Art class I took and they are good, now I need to try and add it all to my art style.  I am hoping that with doing a bunch of sketching the new info will help my art get better. Let’s pray so!

 Do realize even my sketches are signed and copywritten therefore if anyone uses my art without written permission, they will be procescuted to the full extent of the law.

09 March 2016

Taking a view of my life.

 I've just been watching "The Walton's" (my absolutely favorite show of all times!) and "Little House on the Prairie" and have realized I don't think I would have made a very good Pioneer woman like Caroline in "Little House" but I've always identified with Olivia on "The Walton's" and feel like I lived my life similiarly to hers. (I watched one episode yesterday where she took a painting class.... I just finished taking an Art Class - something I haven't done in decades literally!.

I remember when I was growing up I loved the Victorian Era and even the Pioneer Era. I've always loved long dresses and long curly hair, making everything by hand, decorating my house with home made items.... and in some ways I lived that kind of life.

When I graduated high school I had absolutely no direction in my life. I loved drawing and writing and making things but had no idea how I could make money from my interests. I worked but wasn't making any money to speak of. I went to college some but still didn't know what I wanted to do and ended up dropping out. I eventually got married and had two sons. We were not financially stable and so I actually ended up making most everything that I decorated our house with: quilts, curtains, wooden country decorative items, stools, shaker clock, pillows, crocheted afghans, crocheted lamp shades, crocheted lace collars, and all kinds of things. It was actually very satisfying. There were some times that I was able to sell some of the things I made by hand and that felt great! And there were times when I actually worked a job outside the house once the boys went to school. I worked at Rose's Dept. Store as a clerk, worked at a Photography Studio fixing pictures, worked at a Florist and clerk at an open air florist in a Mall, and did sell country crafts at parties.

It was satisfying in many ways but there were things about it I didn't like, all the things I didn't like to do when I was growing up: housework, babysitting, couldn't cook... were all the things I ended up doing when I grew up. And though my boys are grown and out on their own I still don't like doing housework, cooking though I must admit I am pretty good at it now.

 I ended up divorced and got remarried. I worked for the first five years of our marriage, lost my job, then got sick with Fibromyalgia. My husband, Burton, had always thought that I should do something with my art and so we printed up some cards and I went store to store selling my art as cards. I had my cards in lots of stores in my hometown and in some places in North Carolina plus was selling online. Had to stop because I had Breast Cancer and had to go through chemo and radiation and then recooperate.

I have been trying to figure out how to restart the business, my poor brain is killing me from all the thinking. Now I am beginning to formulate what I have to do. I am thinking of doing an online group funding to get the money to get the business started on and on the ground running! I'll let you know when I get it started!

06 March 2016

Thursday night I went to the last Art Sketch class. I enjoyed this one because we were actually drawing people. Here are the sketches I made. Oh, the one of the skull was from a couple of weeks ago.

05 March 2016

Rose is finished finally!

It took a while but I just now finished this feisty little angel! Now I can start a new one!

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