28 March 2016

The Christian Holy Week

I have always loved the Holy Week of Easter because they always show some of my favorite movies even though some aren’t about The Death and Resurrection of Christ. This week I watched a movie called “Jesus” and am in the process of watching “Jesus of Nazareth.” It is always a blessing to watch the Word of God.

This week the Church I attend, “The River Room Church” in Virginia Beach, Va, had Communion, and  an Easter potluckdinner on Friday and then Sunday morning we had a Resurrection breakfast, then headed straight into Church Service. We were so blessed to have a couple speaking who work together to bring forth the message. Jacquiline Maples went to study at a Messianic Bible School in Israel and had such insight into the celebration and her husband,Richard, besides leading the Worship service,  also had a great message. It is wonderful to see them work together to bring forth the Word.

Though I have been a Born Again Christian since the 1970’s, every so often I fall into hard times as many of us do. I received a Word from the Lord that “God is wooing me.” I really needed that word right now because I am going through a hard time.

Thank you Father for your word!

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