25 April 2016

WIP: Angel Update

Didn't like the way the background turned out so I have erased as much of it as I can and now I will do my best to change it.

18 April 2016

God's love is precious!

Isn't it funny how a certain place can touch your heart and spirit and just a glimpse of a picture can take you back. Such beauty surrounded me, the woods, the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, the wild flowers, the lakes not far away, the waterfalls just outside of Dolgeville, NY, fields of crops, cows and horses grazing in the fields alongside the roads I use to drive, the little giggling cricks, the loud East Canada Creek, I soooo miss it all!

 This song reminds me of the time I spent at Pinecrest Bible Training Center.

12 April 2016


Look up in the sky and notice the weird lines that crisscross it. We are told they are contrails which are normal ice crystals that form when planes hit a certain level in the sky. But, contrails dissipate within seconds to a minute. What you are seeing these days are what are known as chemtrails, we are being sprayed, without our permission mind you, with a mixture of chemicals and poisons. These white lines that are emmitted from the planes do not disappear, they stay, expand, form clouds, fill the sky, and the chemicals eventually fill our airspace which we breathe, taking in these poisons and cause unknown illnesses (such as what is now called chemtrail flu), land on the ground and kill trees and plants, etc.

(My experience with an unknown illness:
Last year I got real sick and the Dr said he had no clue what it was: sorta like bronchitis but he claimed it was viral even though I could taste infection. After a few weeks he then put me on antibiotics and it went away. Got it 4 times last year, no clue what it was. Now he has told me if I feel it coming on call him and he will issue antibiotics because that is the only thing that has been helping. 

When this thing hits, it hits quick and hard. Back in the beginning of the year we had a day where it was 61 degrees out so I went outside for a few minutes. Later I went back out to bring in the trash barrels and 15 minutes later as I sat at my desk I suddenly started coughing which got worse by the moment. called the Dr and he he called in an Rx. I looked at the sky and it was crisscrossed with chemo trails made and being made. They now have named it chemtrail flu.
Here are some pictures from my front yard the other day:

For more information check out Wikipedia: Chemtrail – wikipedia
Check out youtube for more on chemtrails and the illnesses it causes. I will post some here.)

07 April 2016

Living Water

This is actually a spiritual message... we are made up mostly of water and the thoughts we think have a great impact on our bodies. This is a message that we all need to learn and remember. Jesus said He is the Living Water... the more we think on and learn of Him the more we are healed of our sins and our illnesses. This is what the Lord is showing me.

02 April 2016

Hardship Creativity

This weekend I am preparing for a medical 'proceedure' to be had on Monday.  The meds I am taking are disrupting my system!  The good thing about a hardship is that it sometimes  causes me to be creative which is exactly what happened today. A pretty little angel came to my mind and I sat down, picked up a pencil, and began to draw. She doesn't have a name yet but I am sure she will whisper it to me when the time is right.

 Do realize even my sketches are signed and copywritten therefore if anyone uses my art without written permission, they will be procescuted to the full extent of the law.


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