29 August 2016

A Birthday Surprise!

Mark Eulo preached this morning at church, started off playing "Sweet Sweet Surrender" by John Denver. Hit me straight in the heart, funny how God uses the stranges things to get my attention of all things: a John Denver song!!!

20 August 2016

A Supernatural Find!

Back in the mid 2000's I was getting ready for an art show, set some pictures down on my table and when I came back to get them they were gone! Whhhaaattttt? 

Get ready for this, yesterday I was looking in a closet in the guest room for something and in picking up some curtains a bag slipped and started to fall. Inside were the four pictures and several others that were all matted! How did they get in that closet? And when? Being as I have straightened out that closet several times since then, so has the hubby!

11 August 2016

Many things are a happening!

The best news first:

I saw the Oncologist Tuesday, August 9, and after 5 years I am cancer free and only have to see him once in the next year! And if everything is still fine I won’t have to see him again! Woo Woo!  (I am flat sick of seeing Drs on a constant basis!)

Another good thing:

I joined a group called Virginia Art with a Heart. We participate in shows and donate 10% of our sales to the Non-Profit we are helping at any show we hold.

I was in a show on July 24 “Jolly July.” It was a Christmas in July show and was being held for a Non-Profit that helps blind/deaf people. There was a ‘Signing Santa’, live music, a short play, artists, and food. We were told to decorate and dress Christmassy so in my usual fashion I dressed like an elf including ears!

And here are some pictures of my table:

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