11 August 2016

Many things are a happening!

The best news first:

I saw the Oncologist Tuesday, August 9, and after 5 years I am cancer free and only have to see him once in the next year! And if everything is still fine I won’t have to see him again! Woo Woo!  (I am flat sick of seeing Drs on a constant basis!)

Another good thing:

I joined a group called Virginia Art with a Heart. We participate in shows and donate 10% of our sales to the Non-Profit we are helping at any show we hold.

I was in a show on July 24 “Jolly July.” It was a Christmas in July show and was being held for a Non-Profit that helps blind/deaf people. There was a ‘Signing Santa’, live music, a short play, artists, and food. We were told to decorate and dress Christmassy so in my usual fashion I dressed like an elf including ears!

And here are some pictures of my table:

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