15 April 2017

Celebrating Holidays

I just finished reading a blog on "Why do We Celebrate Easter" and found it quite  thought provoking. I have provided the link if you are interested in reading it.

Why do we celebrate easter?

Being as I tend to do things somewhat different than most I enjoyed reading it and here is my reply to it... hope you enjoy it!

My family doesn’t really celebrate Christmas in the commercialized way ( it tends to sneak up on us before we realize it is here), we have a tree because I like a tree, in fact I still have mine up right now for two reasons: 1) It is a light source coming from that area of the room) and 2) it has a special meaning to me…. reminds me of when I lived in the mountains of Upstate NY at a Bible School that was located in the woods in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains and back then we had tons of snow (the snow levels have shrunk since I left, no kidding! Every time I call up there during the winter they have a snow storm and I went for a visit this Fall and they got a lot more snow than usual! 😀 ). I loved seeing the snow on the pine trees and taking long hikes in the woods in very deep snow. We don’t give gifts, neither of our families get together with us – husband’s brothers go to their wives family’s houses, my sons have moved and live far away, we do often get together with friends for dinner and if not then we just fix dinner for us and kick back. When I was a child I use to watch all the religious movies that actually came on TV back then: The Greatest Story ever told, Ten Commandments, the Robe, Ben Hur. etc (it was usually just me) and that is something I still do most of the time, it is my own tradition of sorts, it always made me feel closer to God. We’ve tried to participate in helping feed the homeless but were told that many of the usual groups either don’t do it anymore because there are so many Churches in our area taking care of the homeless during the holidays that they had such a small turn out or they have down scaled and you have to sign up months and months ahead of time to help out.

As for Easter, I don’t like that name because it is the name of a fertility goddess and yes, just like Christmas, Easter was christianized by Constantine when he made Christianity the State Church (because his mother became a Christian) even though he was still a practicing pagan. We celebrate this holiday the same as Christmas. This year I have been watching a different Gospel movie each day and other Christian movies, I feel closer to God and learn a lot at the same time.

Our church is a very small and growing church and are in our first building. We have a Street team that goes out every Wednesday evening to a nearby shopping center to gather prayer requests from people that we talk to and then go back to the church and pray over them. Being new to the area there we had a Friday evening service which was open to the neighborhoods around us in which Matthew 26:1 – 27:65 was read aloud. A few came. Saturday night we will have our regular Christian Coffeehouse Christian Concert with live music and Sunday we will have our regular Sunday service which will be about the Resurrection then some of us will gather at someone’s house for dinner and fellowship. My husband goes to speak at a Nursing facility every Sunday in the late afternoon and will do so this Sunday, too.

To me it’s not a traditional way of celebrating the Holy Week, it is more personal.

13 April 2017

WIP: Washes White as Snow finished painting and story

 Here's the process:

Here is the story behind this picture: A few Sundays ago I was on the platform helping to lead song service when suddenly my husband appeared and whispered in my ear "It's snowing out." Now anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE to see snow falling, unfortunately I couldn't see it at that time. Now under normal circumstances he would never do such a thing but this was special.... the interesting thing was: we were singing " Oh the Blood of Jesus," and the words we were singing was "it Washes White as Snow." As soon as song service finished I hurried over to a window and saw that it was still snowing! Shortly after I sat down it stopped. And this is the picture that popped in my head while watching the snow falling.

Here are the symbols:

It is a Christmas ornament of the gift from God that starts with "The Christmas Story of Jesus Birth," the Heart stands for the Father and His love for us, the Cross stands for Jesus, the Wings stands for the Holy Spirit, the twigs in the wings are symbols of peace and promise (like the dove that brought the twig back to Noah in the Ark when the earth was drying up), the wings have the rainbow in them which stands for the promises of God, the snow stands for the fact that through the shedding of Jesus Christ's blood we are "Washed as White as Snow."

There are two scriptures written on the bottom of the picture which I will type out here:

Is 1:18 (Amp)

“Come now, and let us reason together,”
Says the Lord.
“There was a legend among the rabbis that on the Day of Atonement a scarlet woolen thread was tied to the door of the temple, and when the scapegoat reached the wilderness (Lev 16:10), if the sins of Israel were forgiven the thread would miraculously turn white.Though your sins are like scarlet,
They shall be as white as snow;
Though they are red like crimson,
They shall be like wool.

Ps 51:7 (HCSB)

Purify me with hyssop, and I will be clean;
wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.

Especially at this time we all need to fall to our knees and pray for forgiveness and for our leaders!

11 April 2017

WIP: Washes White As Snow

This painting isn't finished quite 
yet but I love it so!!!!!

There is a story behind it and 
many symbols in the picture

When I am totally finished the picture 
I will add the finished painting and 
I will  then tell the story 
and tell all the symbols. 
Sometimes symbols emerge to me 
later so I may return to 
add them as I learn of them. 

God will often inspire me 
to create something 
and then the symbols 
emerge a little at a time. 

So bear with me!

My normal medium is colored pencil so needless to say I started this painting as I would one of my colored pencil pictures: making patterns and tracing them on the canvas.

As you see I have traced them onto the canvas.

Beginning of the painting process.

Adding the heart, the cross, and the wings.

Painting in the wings.

 Adding the clouds.


Adding some color, ornamentals, small snowflakes,and  beginnngs of larger snowflakes.


Adding the larger snowflakes and the leaves of peace.

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