11 April 2017

WIP: Washes White As Snow

This painting isn't finished quite 
yet but I love it so!!!!!

There is a story behind it and 
many symbols in the picture

When I am totally finished the picture 
I will add the finished painting and 
I will  then tell the story 
and tell all the symbols. 
Sometimes symbols emerge to me 
later so I may return to 
add them as I learn of them. 

God will often inspire me 
to create something 
and then the symbols 
emerge a little at a time. 

So bear with me!

My normal medium is colored pencil so needless to say I started this painting as I would one of my colored pencil pictures: making patterns and tracing them on the canvas.

As you see I have traced them onto the canvas.

Beginning of the painting process.

Adding the heart, the cross, and the wings.

Painting in the wings.

 Adding the clouds.


Adding some color, ornamentals, small snowflakes,and  beginnngs of larger snowflakes.


Adding the larger snowflakes and the leaves of peace.


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